Message from the IPRA President: The Power of PR April 2022


I hope all of you are doing well. In Japan, the New Year for companies and schools began in April, and we are spending these days noticing the signs of a fresh and new beginning. New employees have joined my company and I am learning new things from these Generation Z, a generation that is the driving force of today’s world. As IPRA President, I have recently had the opportunity to address national PR associations in The Philippines, India, Uganda and Iran. I was greatly impressed by the enthusiasm of the members of these associations to my speech about the public relations approach to this Generation Z.


Around the world

Unfortunately, the situation with respect to the war in Ukraine has not changed significantly this month, but in the midst of all this, a movement to care for the future of the earth continues to gain momentum. It was Earth Day on April 22, an annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection which was first held in 1970. In Japan, Earth Day Tokyo 2022 was held at multiple locations, including Shibuya and Yoyogi, with nearly 100 companies and local governments supporting this large-scale event. People in Tokyo participated in seminars about the event. There were a lot of Instagram posts globally tagged #Earthdayofficial. It is really inspiring to see people all over the world thinking the same thought on the same day, but from different locations. This is exactly the power of PR.


More generally people of different ages, genders, and races from all over the world are facing the same challenges. Let us hope that this global driving force may change the sad reality taking place in Ukraine to a brighter outcome.


And the GWA

We are still accepting entries for the Golden World Awards for Excellence in PR 2022. And we have extended the application deadline until May 16. I hope that as we learn about diverse campaigns around the globe, and as we communicate about the winners, we expand the possibilities of what PR can do for the world today. You can enter the GWA competition here where you will also find the rules and all the dates you need. Good luck to everyone.




Etsuko Tsugihara

IPRA President 2022


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