Message from IPRA President 2014, April


Spring is in the air forthe communication sector now that April’s here (at least for the Northern hemisphere!)

Springtime has always helped me think positively. While managing a crisis, I am an optimist as to the outcome. I am, to use the metaphor, more interested in how full the glass is rather than being concerned about how empty it might be.

Looking back at the past three months, it’s true to say that we have spent a lot of time preparing new projects in an effort to leave the winter behind us.

While welcoming new members everyday since the New Year, IPRA is also busy with the preparations for its 60th anniversary party to be held in 2015 in South Africa and the world congress that marks that anniversary. 

Spring into action and enter the GWA

As for the Golden World Awards (GWA), applications are being received at full speed too. Don't forget, the Early Bird Entry Deadline is 14thApril. And do note that after discussion with the services within the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, IPRA is pleased to announce a Special award for 2014 for "PR with an objective of progress in digital inclusion within the EU"


The number of conferences and congresses organized has risen considerably. In late March, I participated in the 12th International PR Conference of the Adriatic Region held in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. During the conference, we exchanged ideas with many colleagues from the neighbouring countries and were informed on the approach of the region on PR and marketing communication. The number of IPRA members among the Balkan countries is rather high. 

I believe that motivation is the key in communication just like in Human Resources management. Participating in conferences, whether regional or international, and understanding cultural varieties provide a great experience for public relations specialists. We are all motivated by the new relations established at these events.

When the efforts of those experienced in the sector are combined with the enthusiasm of young people in the PR sector, there is an even wider horizon opened up before us. In May, I will be meeting PR students from Baltic countries in Riga, capital of Latvia.

IPRA in Almaty

As for the IPRA conference to be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in the first week of June, I think it will turn out to be a very fruitful one. The PR sector in the Turkic countries is enjoying increased business in particular from the growth of international brands in the region. I am so happy about the opportunity to meet PR specialists from those countries and the chance to exchange ideas and information with them.

On the final day of the conference, we will be signing a declaration for the formation of an IPRA TURKIC Chapter covering initially Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. I recommend you book a seat for the conference, which will enable you to both develop cooperation with those countries and their emerging PR sector and to witness the creation of this new IPRA Chapter.

I would finally like to remind you that you are more than welcome to write to me about any of the topics above or indeed anything else on your mind with respect to IPRA. 

Warmest regards


President 2014    

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