IPRA Golden World Awards announces 57 winners


The IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence: the world’s most prestigious PR awards scheme, is delighted to announce a total of 57 winners for 2016.


Last weekend judges flew in from around the globe to Brussels to make their final decisions. A total of 19 judges from all over the world including Bulgaria, the UK, Finland, Egypt, The Philippines and Russia converged into the centre of the EU. Finally, after hours of deliberation, 57 winners emerged. And in nine cases there were joint winners in a single category as they were all deemed too good to miss out on receiving a Golden World Award.


“This year the competition was marked by an impressive level of creativity,” explains Bart de Vries, IPRA’s President and one of the judges: "I was especially impressed by the imaginative use of social media and the number of good causes that were getting professional PR support. And it’s great to see such a growth in winners from Asia and the Middle East / Africa regions."

The prestigious Grand Prix was also chosen but the judges have been sworn to secrecy. Along with the UN award for PR with an objective of meeting one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Grand Prix will be announced at the Golden World Award Gala Dinner in Doha, Qatar on 5 November 2016. “I personally look forward to meeting all the 57 winners in Doha,” adds Bart de Vries.


Background to the Golden World Awards for Excellence.

The annual IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) initiative, established in 1990, recognizes excellence in public relations practice worldwide in a variety of categories. Recipients of the award take particular pride in the recognition granted to their entry as meeting international standards of excellence in public relations. An overall IPRA Grand Prix for Excellence is presented each year to the entry judged as representing the highest standards that year. While there are many national and regional PR awards, there is only one truly global scheme: the GWA.


The Grand Prix 2016 and the UN award will be announced at a Gala event in Doha, Qatar on 5 November 2016.


Supplemental information

The regional breakdown of the 2016 GWA winners is:

Europe 42%

Middle East /Africa 28%

Asia Pacific 26%

Americas 4%


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