Message from the IPRA President: Join the IPRA party in Sofia, September 2017


We are just about 6 weeks away from IPRA’s annual Golden World Awards Gala. This year it takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria. As is custom, I will not only invite you as an IPRA member to join us there – I also urge you to do so! My own experience of IPRA’s GWA Gala is one of great collegiality among PR professionals from across the globe.

And this year we have a special addition. We have decided to add a content program to the Gala. Under the aegis of Maria Gergova, Board member and past-President, and with the support of Board member Svetlana Stavreva, a range of presenters will speak on the major trends in PR. If a festive evening among your peers in Sofia heralding GWA winners, isn’t yet the decisive factor, than perhaps the pre-Gala program will be. Information on the Gala and tickets for both events is available here:  

And something special for GWA winners

Speaking of the GWA winners, IPRA will premiere a GWA Judges Report this year. Based on the feedback of the 2017 judges – through personal inquiry and a survey – the Report identifies the major trends in this year’s GWAs. The Report will be published by IPRA in conjunction with the Gala in Sofia. Afterwards the Report will be available for all IPRA members.

As this is written, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey still hasn’t played out fully. Not surprisingly, on many forums discussions went on about the disaster response and the role of communication. So, too, on IPRA’s LinkedIn Group. It affords me an opportunity to focus attention on this forum to which IPRA members contribute on a wide range of topics and issues. Our association of communication professionals thrives partly on account of members contributing to an ongoing discussion and debate about topics directly affecting our profession.

The same can be said of the thought pieces that are distributed monthly among IPRA members. Perhaps the 2017 GWA Judges Report or the ongoing discourse on IPRA’s LinkedIn Group can entice you to add your voice. I would certainly welcome it.  

Bart de Vries

President 2016 – 2017


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