The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Organizational Commitment and Improve the Performance of Public Relationship staff PDF

Today managers find that fostering efficient work force and developing human resources is a shortcut path that can assist organization to achieve goals.In this period of time privilege of organizations to outdo each other, is not only in the use of new technology. In this position having creative and energetic staff and committed human capital are considered as one of the most important sources. Public relations are part of an organization that have reciprocal relation with all members of organization and outside of organization. To this end, paying attention to the mood of employees has a special significance.  In1995,Goleman raised the question in the best-selling book named"Emotional intelligence operation," that in the workplace,the emotional intelligence has more obvious role in a good performance in relation to other cognitive abilities.Using IQ can predict which career is Appropriate for what kind of employee?Employments with high emotional intelligence who are working in field of providing services compared with their counterparts who have lower level of emotional intelligence,in average earn double income.In the other words deal with double customer and absorb customer.Unfortunately,the place of emotional intelligence to improve the practice of public relations is not known Given that it can be useful.

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