Go Further With Change Makers of Tomorrow PDF

Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) is Shell’s global academic programme that encourages STEM students to design, build and operate the most-energy-efficient vehicles. After the three-year success in China, coupled with the COVID-19 restrictions hindering on-track competition, Shell realised that it was time to elevate the event reputation and impact. Shell launched the #GoFurtherwithChangeMakersofTomorrow IMC campaign. SEM students as #ChangeMakersofTomorrow went further with Shell through a digital-driven O2O journey. From in-depth conversations with SEM alumni, influencers, and experts, to high-tech creativities including NFTs, AR/MR/VR and a dual-screen 3D-OOH, Shell successfully drew attention O2O and popularised the greener mobility topic among a wider public.
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