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Sonia Yánez Blum

Academia Digital PR - Blum Digital PR
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Organisation: Academia Digital PR - Blum Digital PR
Short Bio: My name is Sonia Yánez, i am come from of Ecuador and I live in Austria. I founded Blum Digital PR, an online reputation and crisis consultancy for leading brands and executives in LATAM, and the Digital PR Academy that promotes the updating and specialized training of public relations professionals. Im a journalist since 2000. I have a master's degree in Journalism and Digital Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and I'm finishing my second master's degree and I'm going for my PH.D. I have created three pillars in my training processes for PR professionals: Writing for public relations, Communicative Enterprises and Brand journalism. I have managed crises and managed the communication process under ISO Certification, which gives me an executive and comprehensive vision of what a department and the communication strategy of a company or person should be. My clients have been from public entities, the media, productive sectors to professional networks or business unions, all around a cause, the art of communicating and connecting the public that goes beyond looking good, the key is the message, the way you present the content and proper planning. I have participated from FTA negotiation processes, to the creation of brand journalism projects, TV channel launches, real estate projects, and processes to promote laws. At this point in my life I decided to digitize my classes, resources and advice to make them available to those who, like me, are passionate about communication, connecting people and solving problems through persuasion and the right word. Remember we all have a story to tell. I wait for you to build that story that many want to hear together.
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