The IPRA Board resolved at its January 2015 meeting to support the The Zero Hunger Challenge.

The Challenge

Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes

This requires comprehensive efforts to ensure that every man, woman and child enjoy their Right to Adequate Food; women are empowered; priority is given to family farming; and food systems everywhere are sustainable and resilient. Launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2012, the Zero Hunger Challenge is his personal vision of a world without hunger – a global call to action.

The challenge of Zero Hunger means:

Zero stunted children less than 2 years

100% access to adequate food all year round

All food systems are sustainable

100% increase in smallholder productivity and income

Zero loss or waste of food

How one IPRA member designed a Zero Hunger Programme?


The UN Secretary General has encouraged individuals and organisations from around the world to come up with programmes and ideas no matter how small they may be, to help end hunger. IPRA, as an NGO liaison to the United Nations, has been helping with the execution and promotion of the programme around the world since 2014 when IPRA chaired a panel of PR and advertising experts from around the United States. However, it occurred to us, myself and IPRA member, Barbara Burns, also an IPRA NGO liaison to the United Nations, why not practice what we are preaching? Like many organisations, it seemed my communications company was too small to matter. We are located in the corporate downtown of Newark New Jersey. We can see New York City out of our office windows: surely others are more able to do bigger things? However, one day I was hosting a lunch meeting in our office and I noticed a great deal of the catered food was left untouched. When I asked our office manager where it went to afterwards, she said it was offered up to staff or thrown out. Sometimes there is a lot of leftover untouched quality food from breakfast through to lunch meetings that was being thrown out. We called the local YMCA a few blocks from us, asking if we could arrange a regular pickup of the untouched food from our office meetings. They leapt at the chance and that agreement is still in place today. When I mentioned the arrangement to the managing partner of a law firm near to our offices, they joined up too. A second law firm has now joined as well. I am told two more companies are willing to do so as well. So from one idea, we now have a programme. It was as simple as that! 

James McQueeny September 2015. 

James McQueeny is an IPRA Board Member and the IPRA NGO Representative to the United Nations, and President, Winning Strategies, Newark NJ, USA.

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