Arabic Website for IPRA


Arabic website for IPRA heralds accessibility as IPRA goes global further language

The International Public Relations Association (IPRA) officially launched its website in the Arabic language on Monday 07 December. The IPRA Arabic website has been identified as an essential resource for public relations professionals in the Arabic speaking countries to gain knowledge and expertise in their own language, making IPRA truly accessible in the Arab world.

The launch was held at the Four Season Hotel, Damascus. Attending the launch were Ms Maria Gergova IPRA President, and Jim Holt, CEO of IPRA.

IPRA is also extending its global reach so that Russian and Spanish speaking members will have access to the IPRA information in their own languages. The IPRA website will be available in Russian and in Spanish during the course of 2010.


We believe that public relations is the profession of the future as it is growing and expanding rapidly in all sectors across the world.

IPRA has many Arab members who specifically need public relations to meet the challenges of globalization, civil society, public opinion and democracy. It is for these reasons that we think public relations professionals in the Arab countries will benefit by having all the information and knowledge that was only available in English through our website previously, now made even more accessible to them so that they are also able to share their ideas with the rest of the world.

The Arabic website has been live on the official IPRA website for the past month and the response from the Arabic speaking PR professionals has been exceptional. The response to the website has clearly demonstrated to us that the work we do goes far beyond nationalities and that knowledge sharing should not be limited by any language barriers.
Ms Maria Gergova, The President of IPRA